And another reason to stop writing the book…

…is that with so many more complex demos being written, and a few more in the pipeline, I find I need to spend quite a bit of time maintaining the ones that are here; and some video instructions and “demos of the demos” are long overdue, and these take a lot of time to produce too.

For example, there is a credible report of the Karnaugh Maps demo producing the wrong result (though so far I have been unable to reproduce this myself), and I wanted to add some more components into the Analogue and Digital demos.

Also, as soon as time allows, I want to give the dot42 Android environment a run as well, and see how hard it would be to convert some of these things to Android apps – that could vastly increase the number of people using them, as my students could use a mobile version of the quiz on their phones, for example.

However, the point of this blog post is to highlight that I’ve updated the Analogue simulator demos with a few bug-fixes and new features. Probably the most noticeable is the introduction of two new components: a voltage adder/subtractor, and a gain block. With these it’s possible to build an op-amp of any open-loop gain and unity-gain bandwidth (although in this case the heuristic algorithms that stop op-amps settling at an unstable operating point don’t work – take care when using positive feedback).

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