Can I integrate these demos into a Powerpoint presentation?
Yes! You can. That’s one of the main advantages of working in Silverlight. You have to embed a web-browser into the powerpoint slide, and then point the browser at the page with the demo. For further details, see the blog post Powerpoint Fun.

Can I have the source code to DANSE?
As long as you want to use it for non-profit educational purposes, then in most cases the answer will be yes. You’ll need this to write your own protocols (or get your students to write them) in any case. Please contact me for details.

Can I have the source code to the demos?
Sorry, no, that would be far too embarrassing. However if you want to know how any particular effect was done or how any program works, please get in touch; I’m happy to discuss programming techniques, and I’ll be posting a few of the things I’ve found out about Silverlight programming on the blog as I go along. Likewise if you’d like to suggest any changes or additional features or have ideas for other demos, please let me know.

Can I have copies of the demos to host on a local machine?
This is the deal: I justify the time I spend writing these things to my bosses by claiming that the demos contribute to research (the Powers That Be around here are very keen on research). If you’d like to help with that research (for example conducting surveys of your students’ opinions of the demos or writing joint papers), then I’d be very happy to do whatever I can to help, up to and including writing bespoke demos for you. Please get in touch.

Why is only the top left part of a demo visible on my browser window / why is the demo not centred in my browser window?
Probably because you’ve got the zoom function of your browser set to something other than 100%. The demos automatically resize themselves to the size of the browser window, but they need the browser to not mess this up by trying to zoom in on them. In IE8 this function is under the Page menu, or just try CTRL+ or CTLR-.

Why are you doing this?
I wonder that myself sometimes. I guess I’m just living in hope that someone might find some of these things useful. That would make such a nice change from most of the research work I used to do when I was a lecturer.

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