Silverlight demos

To bring some order to an increasing number of demos, I’ve separated them out into categories (see the sub-pages). I’ll maintain this page as an overall index of all of the currently available demos. Any bugs / comments / requests, please let me know – contact details on the right.

They should all work in the browser; if you have any problems try downloading the current version of the Silverlight plug-in for your browser. Note that this means they don’t work in 64-bit browsers yet, and they are untested on MACs and linux machines (I don’t have either). I’ve heard that some of them work fine on MACs, but no word yet about Moonlight compatibility, and since Moonlight is dead, I’m not hopeful.

A word about licensing: you are free to use the demos hosted on this site for non-commercial use. You are not free to make copies or modified/derivative versions for hosting on any other site. If you want to do that, please get in touch – there are some conditions (see the FAQ).

Basic Electronics

  • Active Filters Demo
  • Analogue Circuit Simulator – DC
  • Analogue Circuit Simulator – AC
  • Audio Network Analyser
  • Bode Plots Demo
  • Digital Logic Simulator
  • Fourier Square Waves Demo
  • Karnaugh Maps Demo
  • Lissajous Figures Demo
  • Log and Linear Graphing Demo
  • Theory Quiz
  • Oscilloscope Demo
  • Transmission Line Demo
  • Resistor Colour Codes Game
  • Veroboard Layout Game
  • Communications Physical Layers

  • Baseband Modulation Demo
  • Cellular Interference Demo
  • Equivalent Baseband Demo
  • Linear Passband Modulation Demo
  • Mobile Channel Demo
  • Passband Modulation Schemes Demo
  • Polarisation Demo
  • Rayleigh Fading Demo
  • Refraction Demo
  • Communications Protocols

  • Error Detection Schemes Demo
  • Flow Control Demo
  • IPv4 Address Quiz
  • IPv4 Address Assignment Demo
  • Protocol Layers Demo
  • Routeing Demo
  • Sliding Windows Demo
  • Switching Techniques Comparison Demo
  • Token Bucket Algorithm Demo
  • Basic Concepts

  • Phasors Demo
  • Phasor Arithmetic Demo
  • Simple Queueing Demo
  • Not Math Pad