A bit of history

“Getting Started with Communication Engineering” was the working title of a proposed on-line book. The plan was that it would eventually contain chapters on most aspects of communications engineering studied in the first two years of an undergraduate degree. This project has now been shelved (due to a job change I no longer teach communications myself, there hasn’t been a lot of interest in the project from anyone else, and I want to put my time into my new job).

However, some of the chapters were written, so I’ll leave these up here, and might even add to them in future (if I find time to reformat my old lecture notes). It’s not likely though, as I don’t think many people are reading these documents, and it’s much more rewarding for me to write things which I know people (my new students) will read.

These days I mostly teach basic electronics and practical skills, and my research interests have moved away from communications to pedagogy and user interface design. In particular, I’m just preparing some modules teaching electronics to students who don’t have a strong mathematics/physics background. I’m hoping to try out a “flipped classroom” model, which requires me to prepare a lot of teaching material up-front, and I’ll post that up here as it’s developed. These will be the documents in the “Short Introductions…” section.

The Short Introductions
The Original Getting Started with Communications Book

There are also a few other things here, including:
Revision and Exam Technique – Advice for Students