Couple more chapters, and a decision

OK, time for some stock-taking. When I first started this site, I was teaching communications theory full-time, and thought I’d be able to develop the content for this site in parallel with the work I was doing for my job anyway. However, a couple of years ago I changed job, and I’m only teaching two communications courses now, and it looks like I’ll be giving up one of those in the near future.

So I think it’s time to admit defeat on the idea of the book; I doubt there will ever be a complete book now. What I will do is try and complete the chapters I’ve started already, and get on with more of the demos = which are more fun to write, and certainly more useful to myself in my new job.

There are a couple of new chapters up now: one on the Wiener filter, and one on signal transforms. There will be a few more coming as well, one on the equivalent baseband representation, and one on noise and intermodulation products in receivers and perhaps a couple on the mobile radio channel. These are the subjects I found it hardest to get the hang of when I started, so I think perhaps they might be the ones most useful for others as well.

However, unless I get some requests, I don’t think I’ll start any new chapters now, certainly not on material that other authors have covered much better than I can. It just doesn’t seem to be worth doing, and my work interests have moved on somewhat.

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