New routeing demo just arrived

Just put up another demo, this one for routeing and Bellman-Ford. It doesn’t implement any actual protocols, it’s just there to demonstrate the operation of the Bellman-Ford algorithm. The first version of this was actually one of the first demos I wrote, back in the VB6 days; but since I don’t teach Bellman-Ford any more I’ve only just got round to converting it to Silverlight. The incentive was to demonstrate multicast routeing using reverse-path forwarding (which I do teach), and to do that I needed to get Bellman-Ford working.

It was rather a nice demo to write this one. It’s the sort of thing that OOP lends itself to really well, and I’ve had a few worries recently, and it’s good to be able to totally lose myself in something; writing software has always done that for me: been a bit of an escape from daily life.

I’ve not used this one myself in a class yet, so there might be (well, to be honest there almost certainly are) some bugs left in it; so please let me know if you find anything.

Having got the packets size, shape and movement all sorted out, it shouldn’t be hard to adapt this one to do bridging the spanning tree. That might be the obvious next thing to try; although since I don’t teach spanning tree at all these days I don’t have much incentive for that one. On the other hand, I can’t think of anything better to do.

Maybe I should take a break from demos and get on with the book chapters instead… so far I’m getting slightly more feedback about these than about the demos.

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