Four days to term…

It’s been a while since the last post – and I had such hopes for making progress with this site over Easter. Sadly the usual story wrapped itself around my hopes, and I find myself here with four days left before term starts to try and do something. It’s been a while since the last demo as well; but I’ve not been entirely idle on this front – the Analogue AC Simulator has been upgraded, a few bugs removed, a couple of new features (including a greater frequency range) some more preset circuits added (the ones I need for the labs here next term: in particular a voltage-controlled voltage source filter and Baxendall tone control circuits). The one in the works is a transmission line demo showing the effect of terminations of reflections and pulse shapes, but I won’t need that one myself until next year, so I might start and finish another one before that one’s ready to release.

The thing I’m more disappointed about is the lack of progress on getting chapters of the book up here. I guess I could just stick a couple of chapters up in the state that they are in now – maybe with “draft” written all over them. After all the entire idea was to get feedback from the readers to improve things and correct the mistakes. As long as I put on a suitable disclaimer… I’ll see what I can come up with.

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3 Responses to Four days to term…

  1. S.Hu says:

    Dear Dave,

    Happy 1 year birthday of your website! 🙂

    I was a IWC student in 2011, and I learned more than I have dream of from your course. Just wanna say thanks again, and wish you well.

    Looking forward to read more from your website.

    Best regards,

    • Dave says:

      Songtao! Good to hear from you, and thank-you so much for the comment. I don’t get many, but it’s comments like this that give me energy to carry on with this site. I’m not sure what you’re doing now, but best wishes for the future.

      • S.Hu says:

        Hi there Dave! Sorry I didn’t comment before, though I really enjoyed reading them. I always go through your notes before interviews and find my self with greater confidence and a clear mind about telecommunications after I read them. Though I guess that may also means I don’t have any long term memory. 😛

        Anyway, looking forward to read more from here. 🙂

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