Powerpoint fun

I just figured out how to embed the Silverlight demos into Powerpoint presentations. This is quite cool – as well as making the transition from presentation to demo smoother (often an awkward moment) and keeping the audience awake (they’ll never know when a diagram on a slide is about to move unexpectedly). This could be a big incentive for me to get the rest of the demos into Silverlight.

You need to put a Microsoft WebBrowser object onto the slide, then point it at the demo page. This is fairly straightforward if you don’t mind pressing a button to navigate to the web-page containing the demo, but it’s not obvious how to do this if you want the demo to load automatically with the slide. The simplest method seems to be to get the LiveWeb plug-in (from http://skp.mvps.org/liveweb.htm), and use the wizard. I have no idea how this works, but it does. Thank-you, Shyam Pillai.

If I don’t want to trust the live Internet for an important presentation, I’ll point the web browser at a local copy of the demo files: note don’t do this by entering “file:///J:/Projects/…” when LiveWeb asks for the URL, just input “J:/Projects/…” otherwise LiveWeb gets confused.

I’ll try this out in my lectures next week and see what the reaction is – I suspect most people won’t have seen anything like this done before. I certainly haven’t.

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