Debugging the analogue simulator and quiz app news

After all this time – someone reported a bug in the analogue simulator, and it’s a stupid one.  Connect two terminals of a potentiometer together, and the simulator can’t cope, it gets the currents entirely wrong.  Fixed now, but I do wonder why it’s taken so long for someone to find and report it.

What else is new?  Well, I’ve finished importing the analogue and digital simulation engines into the circuit theory / quiz application, so it is now possible to set students a problem like “design an amplifier with a gain of 3 using only the components shown”, leave them to wire them up, and then test whether whatever they produce does have the right gain.  On the digital side, I can give them a random truth table, and ask them to wire up some gates to implement it.  Should result in some rather harder, but more engaging, problems.  Perhaps I might need to implement a level four?

The paper about this quiz app is currently with the referees for REES 2015 conference in Dublin.  I’ve got my fingers crossed; with more publicity I might get more people interested in using it.  We teachers don’t get as much chance to travel as the researchers, a trip would be nice; and I’ve never been to Ireland.

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