DANSE has been cited!

This is quite exciting.  I’ve just heard (thanks to ResearchGate) that “An Introduction to DANSE” has been cited!  Ivan Minakov and Roberto Passerone have discussed it in their paper “PASES: An energy-aware design space exploration framework for wireless sensor networks”.  They do a review of other energy-aware simulators out there, and mention DANSE as a particularly user-friendly simulator.  Thanks guys!

Just one point about their paper: it is possible to extend DANSE by adding new protocols.  In fact the way we use it here it students are required to design and implement their own protocols to pass the module.

It is true that you need the full source code to add protocols, and this isn’t on the web-site for free download yet, you have to contact me and ask.  (Complicated reasons to do with the licensing and students confidentiality which I really must get sorted out.)

But it’s nice to know that someone else has noticed it, and if anyone sees this paper and comes across this blog post, they might want to evaluate it, and we can extend the DANSEing family.

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