Introducting something that isn’t MathPad

OK… so I’ve been working on this new thing. I was going to call it “MathPad” until I googled it and realised that there was already a MathPad. However, the names of solutions in Visual Studio are really hard to change, so it’ll have to stay MathPad to me for now, even though to the external world it’ll have to be called something else. You can have a go at it here: New Math Thing Demo. At first sight it might look a little boring, since it’s just a blank white screen (apart from the logo, of course).

However, if you double-click somewhere, a textbox will appear. Try typing “3^2-3” into the textbox and pressing return. Open another textbox, and try “x^2-3 = 4”. Open a third and try “y = x^2 – 3”. Double-clicking on a textbox closes it.

This was written to help me make videos – I wanted something that could do maths quickly with the minimum of fuss, so I could get on with explaining the electronics.

It uses the same core as the maths solver in the theory quiz demo, although I’ve had to make a few changes in that. I hope I haven’t broken anything…

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