Another reminder for me… ILMergeGUI

I’ve just updated the Audio Network Analyser program with a few bug-fixes and some additional features. For example there is now a new heuristic algorithm to try and automatically correct for phase measurements 180 degrees out – I’m still not sure why this happens, but at least the program tries to do something sensible to fix it when it does (it you suspect the corrections are getting things wrong, you can turn them off by checking the “Resonant Circuit” checkbox).

However, the big change is that you no longer have to download a zip file with the dll and the exe files separate, you can just download one assembly with everything in it. Having tried (and failed) a few times to get this to work, I finally found a method that worked for me: the ILMergeGUI program from

Many thanks to all of the developers of that rather useful little tool.

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