Oh, and I’m now on Twitter

There is one thing new – regular readers (!) will notice a new “Tweet” button in the right-hand margin. Perhaps I should have a different one on each page? I must investigate twitter plugins for wordpress at some stage. I’m still not entirely sure how this twitter thing works, I’ve been very suspicious of social media up until now, but I’ve recently been persuaded that it can be quite useful, and might help publicise this site.

Also, I’ve had a really helpful email pointing out a potentially confusing point in the introduction to complex numbers chapter, and that has been very useful, so I’ve just had a convincing demonstration that more publicity would be a good thing.

So, I’m now @DavePearceYork apparently. I’ll tweet when there’s anything new on this site, or any other point of interest comes up. Anyone out there who uses these or similar demos in their teaching, and also tweets – please get in touch.

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