Another demo wakes up…

There haven’t been any new demos for a little while. There are a few reasons for this (it’s term time, so there’s a lot of work to do; I was given to couple of PhD theses to examine and that takes a huge amount of my spare time), but one major reason is that the one I’m working on is rather large, and is likely to take a bit longer before I’m happy enough to release it. However, today, it sat up, compiled, accepted its first task, and got the answer right! The analogue simulator is born! It’s got a lot to learn (it only knows about resistors and voltage and current sources so far), but the basic engine that solves the analogue circuits does seem to be working. I’m delighted, and had to tell someone.

There’s a lot left to do: it keeps writing currents as “2m4 A” rather than “2.4 mA” at the moment as it’s using the same print-formatting routines that the passive components use; it has a habit of writing negative currents when a positive current with the arrow in the other direction might be more friendly; and it needs to be able to deal with op-amps in saturation. Hopefully all that will be done by next week, and I might be able to release an initial version then.

After that, I’m going to try and get diodes and transistors into it. Non-linear components present rather a greater challenge, so that might take a while… but it’s a good start.

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