First post

Since WordPress is a blogging tool, I suppose I should start blogging.  A short history so far: the site was something I’ve been thinking about for a while; I’ve already made a start on the book and software.  Initial versions are on my work website at

What prompted the site to start now was the need to provide a more permanent home for the DANSE simulator, since a couple of people wanted to reference it in papers they were writing.  They can now just use

There are quite a lot of demos to transfer over (about 30), so expect a new one every week or so for the rest of this year.  The chapters need bit more editing, so they’ll probably arrive more like one every month.  After that the rate should slow down a bit.

Currently, I’m working on a Silverlight demo showing refraction, and tidying up the Linear Algebra chapter on Gaussian Elimination.

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