Saving and Loading in the Analogue and Digital Simulators

Silverlight 4 can access the clipboard. That’s extremely useful, since it means there’s an easy way for these demos to load and save things: just copy any relevant information to/from the clipboard. I spent some time over the weekend adding this functionality to the analogue and digital simulators, so you can now save and load your own designs. This could be very useful for me as well – I could get students to produce a design and submit it for testing and marking.

Anyone who tries this might notice that the text representation of the designs copied to the clipboard is a series of lines of C# code. This was done to make adding new presets easier: if I want to add in another preset, all I have to do is copy these lines into the source code of the demo.

Anyway – that’s all for now. A small update perhaps, but I hope a very useful one. It’s not fully tested, so if you find anything odd happening, please let me know.

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