New “Flow Control” demo just up

Next new demo just put on-line: flow control. This one draws diagrams of the traces of packets going across links (with and without a router) using software flow control, stop-and-wait flow control, go-back-N flow control and such like.

Now available here:

I’ve just used this for the first time myself in the IET Satellite Summer School, so I thought I should add it up here in case anyone there was looking for it. Otherwise I think I would have left it a little bit longer to do some more testing. I was finding bugs and odd behaviour right up to the morning before the presentation, so it’s likely there are a few bugs left in there.

If anyone suspects it of doing something odd please let me know; equally if anyone is planning to use this in a lecture themselves, I’d suggest they run through what they’re planning to show a few times first, just to check the demo does what they expect.

Next thing… well, I’ve been reminded recently that some of the more basic electronics chapter of the book might be useful to put up, so I might get back to those. Otherwise the next demo is likely to be one about routeing: there was an old VB6 routeing demo, but I really want something that can demonstrate multicast routeing schemes. Hopefully since I’ve done something similar before it won’t take too much time.

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