I’m still here…

Haven’t posted for a long time, and there have been no new demos for quite a while either. Why? Well, mostly because I’ve been in maintenance mode. I re-wrote some of the lab scripts for our first-year students to use some of these demos (mostly the analogue and digital simulators) and they’ve been finding a few bugs and suggesting a few new features.

So: the analogue and digital demos now don’t have that annoying feature whereby a saved design sometimes loads in and wires itself up differently when terminals are very close together; the digital demo no longer suffers from an occassional problem with terminals that can’t be wired up; the oscilloscope in the analogue demo now prints up the scales being used on the axes; there is a new fine frequency control in the a.c. analogue demo; and so on.

Next term I have to master the Xilinx ISE and an ARM development environment for a couple of new labs, so I might not be setting out on anything too new for a while… although I do have a final year project student who is working on adding a shadowing model to DANSE, which might be very interesting.

I will get round to adding some more chapters soon, although currently the pile of marking in front of me has to take priority 🙁
If I don’t get round to writing again this year, I’ll take this chance to wish all readers a happy holiday season and good fortune for the new year.

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