Time to wave my flag a bit?

Well, from the silence, it appears that no-one is there. Either no-one has any interest is what I’m doing, or no-one knows about it. To prevent an existential crisis of purpose I’ll assume the latter. Perhaps I need to be a bit more proactive in telling people about these things and this site.

It’s been a month since the last entry, mostly I’ve been busy on things. The good news is that the digital circuit simulator that I thought would take a few months to get working turned out to be quite a bit easier to program than I thought, and it’s now ready. I’m rather pleased with it – it’s always a good sign when, on finishing a demo, I keep playing with it rather than starting on the next one. Anyway, I’ll post that one up as soon as I get a few minutes. I really need to re-organise these demo pages as well and put them in some sort of order. I’ll have a think. I guess not much point writing any more yet, no-one’s reading.

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