Back again

Thankfully my shoulder is a lot better, and I can type again. I’ll get on with adding the new demos. There’s also a new version of the DANSE simulator almost ready to be released, this one has the interactive feature. I guess I should post the source code as well – I might as well, I doubt anyone will mind.

What else is new? Well, there’s a demo used to introduce the operation of an oscilloscope, a new one about mobile wireless channels, one demonstrating error detection schemes, a sliding windows demo, and a couple I might not post here since they’re only of very minor interest.

The next big one is likely to be a digital circuit simulator, but that’s likely to be a few months away, it’ll take a lot of work.

I guess I should start trying to publicise these as well. It seems that no-one is just finding them, and I’m getting the increasing feeling that I’m talking to myself…

…is anyone there?

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