Why no new demo for a while? Well, I’ve been convinced that before I try and publicise this site, I should have a strong visual identity. Replace the default picture that comes with this WordPress theme, and get a logo that I can put on all the demos. Seems like a good idea – but logos are proving more difficult than I thought.

I’ve often laughed with others about stories in the press of organisations spending ludicrous sums of money on design consultants who then come up with ordinary-looking logos. So I tried myself, and… ah. Coming up with something that I like is rather harder than I imagined. Especially as I rather liked the idea of it being animated – it fits in the concept behind the whole site. How to do something simple, clean, elegant, initially eye-catching but not distractingly so, memorable and relevant? When I succeed, I’ll get back to the demos.

The next one coming up is a demo of sliding windows, after that I might have a go at queueing in routers and the token bucket algorithm (it looks like I might still be teaching one communications course next year after all, and these will be useful for that module).

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